Though it is a typical dentist habit to mention foods that are bad for your teeth, nevertheless watching what you eat is helpful for keeping your teeth in perfect condition and looking great. Having a great smile is good for many benefits. If you feel good about your smile, you will experience higher levels of self-confidence and thus improve their livelihood. That’s why keeping away from these specific foods is a good idea to keep your teeth sparklingly healthy.

Sour Candy. It comes to no surprise that sugar is bad for your teeth, but sour candy is double trouble. Not only does it contain sugar like most candies, but it also has different kinds of acids that are tough on your teeth. To make things worse, they’re chewy, so stick to your teeth for longer periods of time, so they’re harder to to clear away. If you’re craving sweets, we’d recommend chocolate, which is easy to eat and wash away. Besides, who doesn’t like chocolate?

Bread. This is more for white bread of the supermarket variety. Bread is made of starches, so when you chew bread, your saliva breaks it down to sugar, which sticks to your teeth. Aiming for whole wheat varieties of bread can help your teeth withstand a sugary attack.

Alcohol. A favored pastime for your Friday nights. Alcohol dries out your mouth, leaving your teeth without saliva, which helps protect your teeth by washing away food particles. When going out for your favorite beer, keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

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