When we think about foods that are damaging to our teeth, most people think of the usual suspects: candy, chocolate, and pop. However, many of the foods that we consume regularly can also be very harmful to our teeth. By moderating your consumption of these three foods and scheduling regular teeth cleaning appointments at Cowichan Valley Dental Health and Implant Centre, you can improve your dental health and avoid cavities.


Sweetening Sugar

This is a big one. Sweetening sugar is used in a lot of products and most people add it to their morning cup of coffee. Not only does coffee stain your teeth over time, it can also contribute to cavities and other dental problems if you add too much sugar. Many people have no idea that they’re actually over-sweetening their cup of joe to the point where it can have the same negative effects of candy. When sugar is allowed to stick to your teeth, it creates acid which can erode the enamel on your teeth, making them more prone to cavities.



The juices inside an orange or any other citrus fruit are relatively acidic, meaning they have a high ph level. Just like with sweetening sugar, when the acid from citrus fruits is allowed to linger in your mouth, it can begin to erode the protective layer of enamel coating your teeth. If you have any small cuts or sores in your mouth, they can also be aggravated by the citric acid.



Ice poses a significant threat to your teeth, mainly because most people don’t think of it as a food. At restaurants, it’s common to receive water with ice as soon as you sit down. While drinking fluoridated water can have a positive impact on your dental health, chewing on ice does the opposite. It can create substantial stress on your teeth which can damage or weaken them. Here’s some friendly advice: leave the ice in the glass.

While sugar, citrus, and ice all pose a threat to your dental health, they aren’t the only foods that can be harmful to your teeth. To learn more about general dental health, schedule your next teeth cleaning appointment at Cowichan Valley Dental Health and Implant Centre.