If you’re new to Cowichan Valley and are in need of a dentist and oral health care provider, chances are that you want to find a place with great reviews. Our team is happy to receive any feedback from our patients and are grateful for all our positive reviews. Here is one of our favourite Cowichan Valley Dental Centre reviews:

Fantastic Service – Sonya H.

I’m happy to say that I feel better than I have thanks to Cowichan Valley Dental. I went in to fix past dental procedures with a root canal treatment. I’m glad that I had this done and I’ve referred Sonya H. to your services as I’m sure she would be elated to hear from you.

What stands out most about Cowichan Valley Dental is Dr. Ruddy Michelle. I would still be suffering if it wasn’t for the sound advice of my doctor. I’d just like to add that your fantastic service, enjoyable atmosphere, and professional care and treatment are a 10/10 in my opinion.

August 10, 2016

Thank you, Sonya, for such a glowing reviewing. Here’s another one from Lisa R. that we’re particularly fond of. This Cowichan Valley Dental Centre review really speaks to us

Easy to Schedule – Lisa R.

My teeth have been having issues creep up recently. I went into Cowichan Valley Dental for preventative care and restoration procedures. I’m so glad that I did. Now I feel that my smile is strong and healthy again.

There are a few things that make Cowichan Valley Dental standout including a friendly atmosphere and excellent service. Beyond that, it was so easy to schedule an appointment and the results were great. I have already referred a friend and plan to refer more.

They all need raises…seriously   July 13, 2016


Read more Cowichan Valley Dental Centre reviews here. Thank you to all our outstanding patients for your feedback. Good or bad, we take every comment to heart. We want to ensure that every experience is a pleasant one. Still not convinced? Schedule an appointment today.